Tombow Dual Brush Pen

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With two different tips, they are perfect for supplementing, improving or drawing templates directly on the skin.
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These high quality skin markers from Tombow are created especially for use in the tattoo studio. With a design that features two different tips. The ABT Dual Brush Pen markers feature a fine tip that is perfect for creating consistent lines and tight drawings for example if you need to touch up a stencil transfer. The second main tip is highly flexible and reflects the properties of a brush, hence the name brush pen markers. The tip is durable, tough and still soft enough to work on the skin. This is suited for large area colour application. The single ink reservoir in the centre of the pen ensures that there is an exact colour match between the two nibs and means that is used economically. The ink colours are water based, meaning there are no harsh chemical used in the formula. The water based shades are also very easy to blend together to create unique shades in your artwork.