Sterile bag for autoclave self-adhesive multiple Sizes

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Article code 61024-130
Self-adhesive clear plastic bag with manually sealable self-adhesive strip (width 19 mm) opening for easier opening by peeling. With steam and EO gas indicator.
without fold, self-adhesive PU = 200 pcs.
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Sterile bags are used for sterilization of medical instruments, e.g. in the dental field.

Sterile bags are self-adhesive transparent bags without folds and are used for packaging various products. The sterilization bags can be used for 2 indicators: steam and EO and FO gas sterilization and have a manually sealable self-adhesive strip with a width of 19 mm and an opening for easier opening by peeling.

Note: Not suitable for hot air:
Not suitable for hot air, gamma and hydrogen peroxide sterilization.