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Article code 55003-1
powdery, alkaline cleaning concentrate suitable for immersion bath and ultrasound, ideal for the removal of natural fats and oils, proteins and blood, has excellent decontamination properties
Use disinfectant carefully. Always read the label and product
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Powerful, alkaline rapid cleaner with a wide range of applications for manual reprocessing. Powder preparation for powerful cleaning of medical instruments, laboratory equipment, technical equipment and objects made of metal, glass, plastic, rubber, quartz, porcelain and ceramics. Excellent for use in ultrasonic baths.

  • optimal cleaning result even at low application concentration
  • dissolves even stubborn soiling (e.g. blood, protein, distillation residues, oils, fats, tar, waxes, tap grease, silicone and resins)
  • has a high material compatibility
  • free from caustic alkalis and chlorine
  • does not attack gradings and does not influence sensitive laboratory tests
    the suitable measuring cup (No. 20000623) can be ordered free of charge