Counter Display for Pegasus Pro Pega Panthenol 30ml

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Suitable for up to 16 pieces of Pegasus Pro Panthenol 30ml.
Article will be enclosed and shipped empty and flat.
You can get filled counter displays by additionally ordering 16 Pega Panthenol (or multiples of 16).
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Counter Display for Pegasus Pro Pega Panthenol 30ml
Pega Panthenol Ointment 30ml
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Info: Already assembled and filled counter displays can be ordered by ordering 16x Pega Panthenol 30ml (>16 or ideally multiples of 16) in addition to this item. 

Three-part folding carton for setting up a Pega Panthenol counter display.

1x counter display folding carton
1x inlay folding carton
1x transport protection folding box (can be optionally attached for protected transport).

1. Assemble the folding box for the counter display.
2. Assemble the inlay folding box: Align the box so that the surface with the 16 holes faces upwards. Then fold the side folds 90° downwards, and finally fold them 90° again so that the 9 holes pointing downwards are covered by the fold from below.
Insert the assembled inlay folding carton into the assembled counter display folding carton.
4. Insert Pega Panthenol 30ml.