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BBD 1000ml: 04-2023
BBD 500ml: 08-2023
UNIGLOVES hand disinfection is a ready-to-use, alcoholic hand and skin disinfectant with short-term effect.

Without cumulative long-term active ingredients, therefore very kind to the skin and also approved fo
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- alcoholic hand and skin disinfectant with short-term effect
- without cumulative long-term active ingredients
- very kind to the skin
- acts bactericidal ( incl. Tbc )
- fungicidal (Candida Albicans)
- limited virucidal effect

Unigloves hand disinfection is a solution that is suitable both for skin disinfection and for preparing compresses (diluted with water). It does not contain any cumulative ingredients and is therefore particularly kind to the skin. As the solution does not kill spores, it should not be used to store sterile instruments!

Contact time for hand disinfection:
for hand disinfection: 30 seconds
for surgical disinfection 5 min.

Areas of application:
For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. For skin disinfection before injections and punctures.
Diluted with water (1:1) for cooling compresses.

Contain 100 g solution:
Contain 100 g solution:
62.8 g 2-propanol
37,2 g purified water

The solution is not suitable for use on mucous membranes or open wounds!

Side effects may occur occasionally:
Occasionally, slight burning or reddening of the skin may occur.

Special dangers:
Highly flammable solution!
Keep away from sources of ignition (do not smoke).
Keep out of the reach of children!
Keep container tightly closed!