Unigloves Box 120 Wipes

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Article code 51012-L
UNIGLOVES hygienic wipes are a disinfectant for cleaning small surfaces, devices, handpieces, contra-angles, etc.
UNIGLOVES hygienic wipes are suitable for all areas of the practice and hospital:
- All dental-medical areas
- Treatment units, operating tab
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Delivery time: approx. 1 - 2 Days within Germany

Contact time after VAH/DGHM: 5 minutes
Contact time after expert opinion:
Hospitalism propylaxis: 30 seconds
Tbc and Mycobacterium terrae: 1 minute
Hepatitis C: 30 seconds
HBV?virucide (HIV) without protein load: 1 minute
HBV?virucide (HIV) with protein load: 3 minutes
UNIGLOVES hygiene wipes work:
- bactericide (incl. Tb, MRSA and Mycobacterium terrae)
- fungicidal
- virucidal (HBV/HIV) + HCV