SALE - Cheyenne Hawk Safety Cartridges | Liner 20pcs Box - Configuration: 15 Liner | SLT | 0,30mm - short BBD - 2025-01-01

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Cheyenne Hawk needle modules can be replaced in seconds, making life so much easier, saving time and money.
20pcs Box
SLT: Super Long Taper
SST: Super Short Taper
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Delivery time: approx. 1 - 4 Days within Germany

Cheyenne Hawk needle modules are quick to replace and feature an integral internal membrane that prevents tattoo ink and blood from penetrating the handle. The needles protrude from the top of the module as soon as the spring-loaded needle bar plunger is pressed and hide as soon as the pressure decreases, meaning that needle modules can be safely and easily disposed of.

Cheyenne Hawk Needle Modules are handcrafted in Germany and are subject to multi-level quality control before they are sterilized and packaged.