Alpha Superfluid 25% Sumi

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For the new alpha SUPERFLUID only PAH-free high-performance pigments from German production are used. They are AZO safe, heavy metal tested, NDELA free, without preservatives, with cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersants, without animal testing, vegan and of
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- advanced skin sealing technology - more into the skin!

The alpha SUPERFLUID have an optimised pore-closing effect. This closes the puncture site and prevents bleeding of the colour. This means that more black remains in the skin right from the start.


- easy-flow technology - easier on the skin!

The carrier system of the pigment is thin liquid and has a low surface tension. This allows the color to be optimally absorbed by the needle using the capillary effect and transported into the skin.


- easy-flow technology - quickly into the skin!

Fast and effective working, with minimal injury to the skin.